The Wire – Below The Radar #38


I’m very pleased to be featured on this compilation from The Wire. It’s a previously-unreleased solo guitar track from quite early on the the Scene Memory II recording process.

Also, here’s an interview with Ben Hogwood for the wonderful Arcana. We went quite deep into compositional stuff, and happy memories of my teacher Steve Martland.

Scene Memory II


I’m delighted to announce the release of Scene Memory II.

Thanks to Figureight for releasing it, and to Buzz for the feature.

Here’s an interview with Son Of Marketing that discusses some of the processes behind the making of the record. And here’s a preview of one of the album tracks via Backseat Mafia.

The record can be heard in all the usual places, and bought here.

Scene Memory II


Back in 2006 I made an electric guitar record called Scene Memory. Plenty of water under the bridge since then, but in the months after my solo tour of Siberia at the end of 2019 the follow-up gradually emerged. It’s coming out through Phantom Limb, who also worked on my duo record with Shahzad Ismaily last year, Visitations.

Thanks to Backseat Mafia for hosting the premiere.

Krononaut & New Releases


Krononaut, my record with Martin France and featuring Arve Henriksen, Matnana Roberts, Shahzad Ismaily and Tim Harries, is released today!

The press has been fantastic – especially considering the album isn’t exactly an easy listen – with 4-star reviews in Uncut and Mojo as well as plenty online.

You can stream, download and buy CD or vinyl here.

Also released last week was ‘Another Me’ by Sarah Walk, which we co-produced in LA last year. It’s a great record – have a listen here.

New Releases


I have a new track out with the good people at Mellotron Records. ‘Vestige’ is a solo guitar improvisation recorded live during my tour of Siberia last year. Available in all the usual places.

Here’s the new single from Sarah Walk, which I produced in LA last year with Abe Rounds on drums.

The new single from Keaton Henson which I played electric guitar noises on:

And a new one from Min-t, an artist I did some additional production and mix for last year.

Trestle Records: From Isolation


Along with Simon Fisher Turner and Thomas Klein, I took part in the first of a series of remote collaborations curated by Trestle Records. Have a listen here.