The Lovely Bones revisited


Ages ago Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins and I got to gather to make the soundtrack for The Lovely Bones. Various bits of it that didn’t get onto the official soundtrack record were put up on YouTube.

Now, Brian has released a compilation of his soundtrack work and one piece from those sessions is on it – here.

Krononaut & New Releases


Krononaut, my record with Martin France and featuring Arve Henriksen, Matnana Roberts, Shahzad Ismaily and Tim Harries, is released today!

The press has been fantastic – especially considering the album isn’t exactly an easy listen – with 4-star reviews in Uncut and Mojo as well as plenty online.

You can stream, download and buy CD or vinyl here.

Also released last week was ‘Another Me’ by Sarah Walk, which we co-produced in LA last year. It’s a great record – have a listen here.