Grasscut Remix


Grasscut have an album of remixes out on vinyl today, featuring my version of ‘The Field’ alongside other remixes by Mira Calix, Fink, John Metcalfe, Oliver Coates, Adrian Crowley and Penguin Cafe. There’s some more info here.

‘Steal Time’ video & remixes


Aisha Orazbayeva has made a truly beautiful video for ‘Steal Time’. It premiered on Clash Music.

Also Nick Zammuto, whose music changed my course as a musician (and whose work continues to make life generally better) has remixed it.

Finally, a little while ago I was with Brian Eno and he was showing me some new MIDI scripting techniques he was developing; we fed some parts of ‘Steal Time’ in and soon there was this.

Thanks so much to Aisha, Nick and Brian for their work – I’m a lucky man!

Amoral Avatar


Yasmine’s record is nearly finished…

yas lyrics

This week I’m finishing off the duo record I’ve been making with Chris Vatalaro, under the project name Amoral Avatar. It will be out soon.

I’m adding some finishing touches with the Korg Polyphonic Ensemble – a beautiful 70s keyboard held in such contempt at the time it was manufactured, that people frequently used to chuck the keyboard away to use the case it was housed in! It has a very cinematic, Morricone-ish sound, and can be heard in a lot of Beck’s music as well.