New Releases – March/April


A few things that I played on have come out, or are out soon:

Jarvis Cocker’s production of ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’, featuring Karen Elson, which he conducted live to picture with miraculous accuracy, by dancing.

Brian Eno’s ‘The Ship’ – this record is based on three-dimensional recording techniques and is, for me, some of his greatest work.


Emmy The Great’s new record ‘Second Love’, produced by Dave McCracken, is getting deservedly rave reviews.

Birdy’s ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ – I played on her first record too and it’s been lovely to see how she’s developed as a writer and performer

Spitfire Enigma 2 – interview


Thanks to T+S for helping to spread the word about my new sample library. There’s some info about the recording process and studio photos here.

Tape-Op Interview


Thanks to Larry Crane for coming to my house! I’d wanted to meet him for a long time.

Interview is here. I was in an equivocal mood that day.

DSC00216 copy