Meazzi Hollywood Jupiter


I first heard about these through an interview with Matthew Sweet, whose album “100% Fun” was the soundtrack to my teenage years. I looked for one of these incredibly rare beasts on eBay every single day for about 3 years, with no luck.

One Easter Sunday morning, I found one. Having clicked ‘Buy It Now’ with a trembling finger, on reaching checkout I realised it was actually Matthew Sweet selling it!

I wrote him an email saying much the same as above, but never got a reply.
Here’s an article that he wrote about the guitar.

60s Italian Meazzi
60s Italian Meazzi

Brian Eno


I’ve had a lovely day at Brian’s studio working on a remix and playing with a new programming system he’s invented. This was hanging on the wall. It was distracting.


Cura Machines/Golden Hum


I’ve spent the last couple of days with Dan Lea, a highly original composer and sound-designer. He always pushes me to get guitar sounds neither of us have heard before. Swelteringly hot in my studio, I thought my laptop might fan itself to death. Here are some excerpts (guitar through pedals into MainStage channel strips).

Cura Machines
Golden Hum