Discreet + Oblique


Today was spent with David Coulter putting the final touches to the general outline for these concerts. We’re leaving for Australia next week, and won’t know exactly what it will be like until we start working with the other musicians – and maybe not even until we get on stage! Today we explored the balance between expectation and surprise, control and chance, noise and silence.

One of the most valuable insights I’ve had from working with Brian is the importance of maintaining a spirit of inquiry and curiosity. In that spirit, the creative process feels open-ended, enjoyable and un-pressured – while still remaining sincere. That’s the feeing David and I are going to try and create with this piece.



Clint Mansell


I’ve spent the last couple of days recording at Air Studios for Clint Mansell. I’ve loved his music ever since discovering ‘Requiem For A Dream’ (in fact, I was a fan of PWEI too) so it was great to work with him. The studio was busy – 3 guitarists, loads of keyboards, drums and bass.

air outside
air inside

Air Studios was established by Sir George Martin. Legend has it that he once took violent exception to a french horn player’s intonation and mounted the results in the vestibule as a warning.


Neil Cowley


Fantastic session with Neil Cowley and Dom Monks today, for Neil’s new record. Also the first time I got to try out my new set-up.

Here are a couple of tunes from Neil’s previous record.


North Effects


I’ve just discovered this company. Nigel did a fantastic custom build for me, and they make a lot of interesting stuff.

The pedal he made for me is a 4ms Duo Distortor, built with the kind permission of 4ms. I have an original one (pictured at the bottom), but after years of faithful service it’s getting a bit fragile. It’s my favourite fuzz.

duo build


‘Steal Time’ on Late Junction


Thanks to Mara Carlyle for premiering ‘Steal Time’ this week.

Also featured on the show are several Lithuanian Sutartin?s – relatively unknown music unlike anything I’d heard before, and which has captivated me ever since I discovered it last year.

Check out the show here. All Mara’s Late Junction shows are an education and a joy!

Lithuanian women singing
Lithuanian women singing