Stevie Parker – ‘The Cure’


Great review for this in The Guardian. Produced by Jimmy Hogarth, mixed by David Wrench, Stella Mozgawa on drums, Sam Dixon on bass, me playing guitar. Stevie’s a tremendous writer and singer. Check her out here.


Oscar And The Wolf – ‘So Real’


Oscar And The Wolf, whose first record I co-produced in 2014, are back! I went to ICP in Brussels a few weeks ago to help out with string arrangements and guitars. That studio is unlike any other I’ve been to – it has such an enormous collection of guitars, pedals, keyboards and drums that the only difficult thing about working there is deciding what gear to use.


Congratulations to Max and his producer Jeroen de Pessemier. Here’s the first single.

Ghostpoet – new single


‘Immigrant Boogie’ is out today, It features Charlie Steen (SHAME) on backing vocals and Leo Taylor (The Invisible) on drums. Pretty much everything on this track – vocal, guitar and drums – was a first take.

There’s some more info at Clash and The Quietus.

This is the first track from Ghostpoet’s new record which we worked on between November and February.

Catching up


Yasmine Hamdan’s new record Al Jamilat, which was produced by Luke Smith and I, is out today!

Brett Anderson, whose last two solo records I produced and co-wrote, has a solo career retrospective box-set out today as well – lots of bonus materials and it looks beautiful.


It’s been quite a while since the last update. I’ve finished 3 records since then – for Ghostpoet, Sam Amidon and Seamus Fogarty. All will hopefully come out over the next few months, and I’ll post videos and stuff here.

I helped out a teeny bit with the recording of the amazing Deep Throat Choir. I also helped out a teeny bit on the sessions for Bas Jan, which is Serafina Steer’s new project.

I played guitar on a few film scores as well, including this one:

And, by contrast, this one:

Lots coming up over the next few weeks, including a trip to Belgium to work on the second Oscar And The Wolf record at ICP Studios.

More soon…