Andi Sex Gang


I recently came across this documentary about Andi Sex Gang. He was one of the first artists I collaborated with, shortly after I decided to leave music college in 1998. His band Sex Gang Children were enormously influential in the 1980s and he can reasonably be credited with having defined the Goth movement.


Andi is a visionary musician and a true original; he also has a background in social activism and, although when I met him he had recently emerged from a brutal few years, he struck me as one of the most life-affirming, dignified and driven people I’d ever met. He was also very funny.

Playing his extraordinary music remains one of the highlights of my life and although this film is a little rough around the edges, it gives a great idea of what Andi is like and serves as a decent introduction to his art.

I appear very briefly towards the end, in some promotional footage, looking like a scrawny vampire apprentice – though thankfully without the blue hairspray I would occasionally deploy for gigs.

LA Reading


‘Consilience’ (E.O. Wilson)
‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ (Marshall Berman)
‘The Hidden Musicians’ (Ruth Finnegan)
‘Ladies Of The Night’ (Susan Hall)
‘Art Worlds’ (Becker)
‘The Glory Of Hera’ (Philip E Slater)




Just got back from a holiday with my friend Milena, who I first met 8 years ago when she won a contest to support Jarvis Cocker in Hamburg. She is a great musician and also an illustrator; she did the artwork to my record ‘The Grape And The Grain’.


I met up with Robbie Moore who has nearly finished building his studio, and also had a very inspiring evening with Schneider TM which made me eager to get back in the studio. Among many other things, heintroduced me to the music of Gunther Schickert; anyone interested in experimental guitar should check him out – a true pioneer who managed to change the landscape without ever quite coming into focus.

beach graff
planned fashion

Chris Watson – sound recordist


I saw Chris do a brilliant presentation last night of recordings he’d made in the Antarctic, using underwater microphones. It amply demonstrated that Cousteau’s description of the sea as ‘The Silent World’ was (to use Chris’s expression), ‘bollocks’.

He has a series on Radio 4, and there’s a good interview with him here.

Thanks Chris!