LA Reading


‘Consilience’ (E.O. Wilson)
‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’ (Marshall Berman)
‘The Hidden Musicians’ (Ruth Finnegan)
‘Ladies Of The Night’ (Susan Hall)
‘Art Worlds’ (Becker)
‘The Glory Of Hera’ (Philip E Slater)




Just got back from a holiday with my friend Milena, who I first met 8 years ago when she won a contest to support Jarvis Cocker in Hamburg. She is a great musician and also an illustrator; she did the artwork to my record ‘The Grape And The Grain’.


I met up with Robbie Moore who has nearly finished building his studio, and also had a very inspiring evening with Schneider TM which made me eager to get back in the studio. Among many other things, heintroduced me to the music of Gunther Schickert; anyone interested in experimental guitar should check him out – a true pioneer who managed to change the landscape without ever quite coming into focus.

beach graff
planned fashion

Chris Watson – sound recordist


I saw Chris do a brilliant presentation last night of recordings he’d made in the Antarctic, using underwater microphones. It amply demonstrated that Cousteau’s description of the sea as ‘The Silent World’ was (to use Chris’s expression), ‘bollocks’.

He has a series on Radio 4, and there’s a good interview with him here.

Thanks Chris!


Current reading


‘Havel: A Life’ by Michael Zantovsky

Zantovsky was a close friend of Havel’s, and is currently the Czech ambassador. The book is a moving and witty insight into those who have greatness thrust upon them, and it illuminates the personal struggles of a peaceful and idealistic revolutionary. Havel, as was recently said of Charles Kennedy, certainly spoke ‘fluent human’ – sometimes too muchfor his own good.


‘The Aristos’ by John Fowles

A philosophical manifesto of sorts, by the author of ‘The Magus’ and ‘The Collector’. It is deliberately and unashamedly didactic, blunt and opinionated; it is also a good example of how the most brutal of observations about life can be strangely comforting.